House Ordos

HOMEWORLD: Little is Known of the Icy, Remote Planet of the Ordos.
The Economy of the Planet is based entirely on Trade - and Smuggling, to be certain. Our Spies can tell us that much - if nothing else.
LEADER : Unknown.
A reclusive Cartel of Wealthy Families, Noblemen, seem to control the Finances of House Ordos - and thus, House Ordos. No one has ever seen them - except the few Generals used to control what Troops the Ordos could muster. But one by one, the Generals have been killed under Mysterious Circumstances.
Our sources indicate the House Ordos represents a cartel of wealthy families, brought together by the desire of great security. The Ordos have little conscience and seem to gain strength through sabotage and terrorism. Protected by their great wealth, the Ordos' status as a great House is unaffected by their long history of manipulation, trickery, and deception.

Recent reports suggest the cunning Mentat, Ammon, is in charge of Ordos' Dune operations. This is a rare opportunity to get a clear view of Ammon in action. It will be interesting to learn more about these clandestine people.


DUNE 2000

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