w h a t   y o u   n e e d

Unreal 1.01 Patch
GameSpy 2.02 Shareware
Version 209 Public Beta patch

First, grab the Unreal 1.01 Patch. It's cool.
Second, get the Version 209 Public Beta (1.18 MB) Internet fix. Information on how to install can be found at http://unreal.epicgames.com/Versions.htm

Some of you might also want the following patches. These are all incorporated into the Version 209 beta fix. So if you've set that up, don't worry about these.

  • CyrixBeta202.zip (1.1 MB) for Cyrix chipset owners.
  • AudioBeta201.zip (92 KB) for Aureal A3D-based sound cards.
  • RushBeta203.zip (1211 KB) for Voodoo Rush users. Decompress this experimental patch to your /unreal/system/ folder, overwriting all files.

Once you're patched up, all you need to play on the Internet is either a good server list or GameSpy 3D. GameSpy is the preferred choice, as it will automatically find the server with the best connection to you--although support is patchy right now due to the net fixes Unreal is currently going through. See the GameSpy 3D Homepage for more info.

U n r e a l E D   U p d a t e s

Since Unreal's release, a number of problems have come up with UnrealED. If you are getting an error when trying to start UnrealED, either "Runtime Version Mismatch", or something similar, you need to get the Visual Basic 5.0 RunTime (1901 KB) files. Also, if you get a "Runtime Error 50003" when opening a script editor (or other) window in UnrealEd, even though UnrealEd otherwise starts up properly you need to decompress the RichText Control Update (192 KB) to your \windows\system\ directory.

s e r v e r   a d m i n s

If you run a Unreal server you will also want to get the 2.02 Beta server patch (95 KB).

DUNE 2000

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