House Harkonnen

HOMEWORLD: The Planet Geidi Prime.
Dark. Industrial. Toxic. Cruel.
LEADER : The Baron Harkonnen, or Siridar-Baron
Planetary Governor. Like Geidi Prime, the Baron is Dark. Cruel. Savage. Driven by Greed - and a Kanly, or Vendetta - to use the Ancient Word - against Duke Leto and the entire House Atreides.
House Harkonnen is the most savage House in the universe. The Harkonnens have a long history of employing violence and fear to achieve their objectives. Status is not bestowed in House Harkonnen; it is taken. If a subordinate kills a superior, he assumes that position and is respected. Their military organization changes constantly and is almost impossible to follow.

Our current reports on House Harkonnen indicate their Dune strategies are being dictated by the unstable Mentat, Radnor. A true Harkonnen, Radnor reached his position by assassinating the previous Mentat Marko, his former teacher and guide. We do not know the extent to which Radnor is trusted by his people or the House he serves. The Harkonnens on Dune have spent most of their efforts assembling a considerable military force. We doubt they plan to actually harvest spice for the Emperor. They seem convinced that they can merely conquer other Houses. The combination of Radnor's lust for power and his ability to persuade is dangerous. We shall continue to monitor the Harkonnens closely, for they are quite unpredictable.


DUNE 2000

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