House Atreides

HOMEWORLD: The Planet Caladan.
Verdant. Lush. Prosperous. The Water World.
LEADER: Duke Leto Atreides.
Noble. Just. Diplomatic. Intelligent. Duty-Bound.
House Atreides has been prominent for thousands of years and has a long tradition of being fair and just administrators. Their people are loyal, hard working and peaceful. Both intelligent and noble, the Atreides leaders have endeared themselves to their subjects. Unusual devotion to duty is a common feature among the Atreides soldiers. According to all recent reports, the Atreides military is in top operating condition, as are their vehicles and structures.

Our sources indicate that the Atreides campaign on Dune is being advised by the brilliant Mentat, Cyril. As expected, the Atreides have been passive and have not attacked the other Houses to date, although they have successfully defended themselves against a series of raids, sabotage, and larger offensives. True to their nature, the Atreides have attempted to achieve their goals through diplomacy, a strategy which will undoubtably fail on Dune.


DUNE 2000

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